Do not let them rip you off any longer, with multi blade razors!

Let’s understand how and why, we got to this point.

Gillette became known in the year 1904, through the submission of a patent for his safety razor.

It reached an agreement with the United States Army, to include his razor in the basic equipment of all American soldiers. Imagine, during World War I, the number of soldiers the US Army had !!! Thanks to this, Gillette was able to expand his business scale worldwide and send more than the 90% of barbers and sharpeners to unemployment.

At the end of the Gillette patent application process, (which lasted until the end of World War II!!!), all brands began copying Gillette and Gillette margin’s declined. Nevertheless, all this competition was positive for consumers, as prices fell down and the variety of razors multiplied.

Later, in the 1970’s, Gillette saw a way to recover, when BIC launched the first disposable razor with a small and slightly sharp blade. Gillette quickly replicates the same shaver but putting together an additional blade.

Ten years after this success, the world known company decided to launch a new model of “innovative” razor for “us, the consumers: the guinea pigs”, that we continue to buy nowadays. Because Gilliette sells a razor handle at cost price, and earns a great amount of money for its patented multi blade refills technology; since it is multi-blade and therefore, more expensive than if it has only one; made of plastic and consequently, cheaper to manufacture but less solid for the consumer; performing well on the first three shavings but the lubricated strips dry quickly and the blades become blunt. In addition, the multi blades damage quickly, irritate the skin and facilitate the formation of ingrown hairs (which they turn into spots).

Replacement blades cost very expensive, so expensive that stores sold them under lock and key! These are, on average, 15 times more expensive than safety razor blades.

And this amazing price, forces us to use them as long as possible. This is why we find a blunt razor 90% of the time!

Did you really think, they created these multi-blade razors for your comfort!

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