The foam’s inefficiency in a shaving product (part 1)

Years ago, men shaved with a hard soap because they had no other choice. To apply it, it was necessary to create foam with the help of a wet brush. The foam was created by rubbing the moistened brush against the hard soap and then applying the foam to the beard.

As a continuation, the brands created the shaving cream (soap in the form of cream). This product use consists in putting the cream in a bowl and make foam with the aid of a wet brush. However, to get this beautiful foam from the cream, they had to add chemical components.

Subsequently, the brands invented the spray foam. To facilitate the application and save time, they had to add chemicals to get foam with good texture and especially, they added preservatives for longer product durability.

Attitudes and habits are difficult to change, especially those of men. Brands have only progressed in line with the demand and not in the sense of need. Well yes, it is better for them to make quick money than to try to improve the quality of life, since it takes years and years to change people’s habits. When you were little, you remember your father shaving with foam, so, you will do the same. To sum up, men began to shave with foam and therefore, brands have continued to create these products.

The chemical brands can say that they have advanced enormously at the formulation level and that their products are composed of essential ingredients to soften the hair, open the pores of the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin, disinfect … OK perfect, but it turns out that all these actives you have introduced into your products are activated when the product is used. That means, at the time you make work the product, either in the container, in the soap, or at the exit of the shaving foam spray, the active (ingredients) acts before being applied to the skin, so that at the time of applying the product, it won’t remain active anymore.

Shaving with water would be almost as effective.

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