N’GAJE launches exciting partnership with Axel Hotel Barcelona



We’re thrilled to announce the start of an exciting new relationship with Axel Hotel Barcelona. This new collaboration celebrates yet more success for N’GAJE as the luxury barber brand continues to make waves in Barcelona.

Join us from 9pm on Thursday 21 September at Sky Bar, Axel Hotel Barcelona’s trendy rooftop bar, to mark the occasion with beards, bubbles and breath-taking views of the city.

Axel Hotel Barcelona is comfortable and cosmopolitan, and its central city-location has become the urban meeting point for Barcelona’s hetero-friendly LGBTI scene. The Axel Hotel brand is brought to life with vibrant, modern design combined with just the right amount of Mediterranean heat and elegance.

As N’GAJE joins forces with Axel Hotel Barcelona, guests can expect to see a variety of new barber services added to the menu currently on offer. N’GAJE promises to deliver a bespoke barber experience designed to transform the international, jetset male’s daily grooming routine into something as smooth as he wants to be; stubble is optional.

The N’GAJE brand was born in Barcelona, Spain. All four products in the current range are mixed and manufactured in a certified laboratory in Barcelona, using organic ingredients sourced from all over the world.

The N’GAJE range is available to buy online. Shop now https://ngajebarcelona.com

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